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No. The existing counting processes would remain unchanged. However, after the votes were counted and certified, the counties would create a voter database file containing only the encrypted QR code and the candidate chosen. Voters would search for their vote in this database using the QR code on their ballot stub. This database would be available only for a few weeks before it would be taken down.

Ballots will include a serial number (for document control) and a random multi-digit pin number that is different for each ballot.

QR codes can be easily scanned using free cell phone apps. Scanning the QR code will open a web showing how your vote was recorded and the total votes for each candidate.

You would have to your ballot stub to your county elections office and they would compare your recorded vote to the actual ballot and resolve any differences.

The only thing that links you to a recorded vote is the ballot stub. If you keep the stub safe or destroy it, no one can know how you voted.

The database file will not include any names. That file will only contain a serial number, the random pin number for that ballot and the candidate chosen on that ballot. By itself, the file is of little value.

The finder of your stub could scan the QR code and find the vote associated with that stub but they could not find your name because it's not in the vote database file. Voters will need to secure their stub because there is no way to create a replacement for a lost stub.

This is extremely unlikely for the following reasons:

This would be difficult for the following reasons:

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